Frequently Asked Questions

Every year, California English Learners take the ELPAC to measure their English proficiency development in four different domains: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Elite’s summative ELPAC practice tests allow students to become familiar with question types and test procedures, and to prepare for the actual ELPAC.

By practicing each type of question that appears on the actual ELPAC, English Learners will be better prepared to read, write, listen, and speak on test day. Students will also receive individualized score reports, which provide invaluable insights for ELD teachers and coordinators.

ELPAC exams are untimed. Therefore, it is at the discretion of schools to determine a testing schedule for their students. It is recommended to provide one hour for each section, for a total of four hours of testing.

Once students complete a test, schools will receive individualized student score reports, which will show norm-referenced groups (Beginning, Developing, Well-Developed), as well as criterion-referenced scores of four domains (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) in percentages.

Student score reports are provided 10 working days after a full exam administration is completed.

Once a purchase has been made, you will be contacted by an Elite ELPAC test coordinator. You will be asked to provide a roster of your students and teachers, after which a series of login keys will be assigned to you. 

Currently, the option to purchase only one domain of the test is not available.

Tests are not available for individual purchase at this time.

Yes. Quotes and/or invoices are available upon request. Please contact